10 things to print when you own a dji mavic pro

dji mavic pro 10 things to print

dji mavic pro is a great machine, no question ask, but if you own a 3d printer, you can improve the little monster!

There are lots of pieces you can print available on the web, so i did my selection and here it is for you:


Mavic Pro Controller lock

because controllers are very important and you need to be carefull, because the bag is very tight , here is a tool you need, and this one also protect your screen



DJI Mavic Pro Foot Extensions & Rear Foot

because you dont always land on a flat surface, and because the camera gimbal is fragile, you may want to print this foot extension kit in order to level up your mavic



DJI Mavic Pro Gimbal Shield

Again, i might be wrong, but to me the gimbal is as amazing as it look fragile. If you are not confident with your dji mavic pro, then, print that!




DJI Mavic Pro Gimbal Clamp


if you have lost or broken your gimbal clamp, well you know what to have to do in order to keep it safe! dont be shy on infill percentage cause you will manipulate this a lot!



DJI Mavic Pro Hardcase



If you dont have the official dji case for travel with your mavic pro, this can be a good alternative for carry your drone in a bag in a safe way. Don t forget to put some soft material inside in order to avoid scratches.



DJI Mavic Pro Lens Cap

cause you are never too carefull with these little things, and because this camera is simply amazing, yes, you also need to print this dji mavic pro lens cap



Foldable Tablet Holder for DJI MAVIC

Flying with a smartphone as main screen isnt always optimal. Nowadays everybody owns a tablet, why not using it? Here is a very nice tablet mount for your dji mavic remote controller to print:





DJI Mavic Pro Bottom Sensor Cover


Because you dont want your sesor to be damaged during the transport, or filled with dirt, here is a simple bottom sensor cover to print in a snap and doest perfectly the job





DJI Mavic Pro Sunshade

for a better vision of what you are doing, here is a simple and very efficient sunshade for your dji mavic pro controller!



DJi Mavic Pro Camera mount for GoPro Gear 360 Ricoh Theta LG 360

here is a very interesting one that i ve kept you for the last one. This one is a great tweak, easy to print and mount that allows you to add a camera under your dji mavic pro.

One thing you have to keep in mind, using this camera mount you ll need to disable the bottom sensor, and also take off and land in your hand, so be carefull!


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