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android phone Four Steps to Obtaining the T-Mobile Corporate Discount

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I was a T-mobile customer for over a year before I heard about the corporate discount. It seems to be a well kept secret.

I was lucky to find a link on my company’s website, along with the form to verify eligibility. After some paperwork hoop jumping, I finally received a 10% discount.

I later found through Internet research that the Corporate discounts range up to 15%, although it is hard to pin T-Mobile down on the exact details.

One of the major advantages to the corporate discount program is that you can also get several types of charges waived. For example, when I changed my Family Plan to increase the monthly minutes, the normal plan change fee was waived. When recently changing to the new Unlimited Plan, I had the change fee waived yet again. Adding that in to the monthly discount, and the savings quickly mount up.

Naturally, you want to get the largest discount that you qualify for. If, for example, you and your wife work in different companies, you would naturally like to know which of you gets the largest discount and apply for your phones under that name. Unfortunately, to prevent this type of discount shopping, T-Mobile does not publish a list of authorized corporate clients with their discount rates. You will have to do a bit of research to find the best deal for you and your family.

There are several ways to apply for the discount. First and easiest, is to visit a T-Mobile store and chat with a representative. The downside to this is that you might have a long wait if the store is busy, so try to hit the store while it’s not too crowded. Also note that not all reps are equally well informed as to the discount program. So if you strike out at one store, find another.

The second method is use the T-Mobile website. The link to the current (December, 2009) site is:

Note that a log in may be required before you reach the correct web page.

From this page you can download the Corporate Discount Form. However, that requires a lot of information that you may not have. If you have the info, great. Go ahead and fill out and email the forms.

Next, you can call T-Mobile at 1-877-453-8824 and apply through an agent.

Lastly, if the chat service is available, you can chat online and request the corporate discount.

If you don’t qualify for a corporate discount, due to not being on the list of sponsored organizations, there is another free option.

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