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How broadcast live on youtube with your smartphone

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How broadcast live on youtube with your smartphone


If you always wanted to broadcast live on youtube, well, good news this is gonna be soon possible

But before we fully enter in the subject, there are some bad news….. As far as we know, this app will only be available to xperia z2 phone and tablet, the good news, if you own a z2 well this is for you

With the xperia z2 you can already broadcast live to facebook, and have viewers commenting live your event, now it seems that sony stepped forward in social broadcast, specially with youtube.

Since couple of weeks, a camera addon called “live from sony” is showing, disapearing, then showing again (today) and removed again (today) from  google play.

Dunno what sony is doing, but from what we have been able to see, this camera add on will be available form the camera app, and will allow you to broadcast live on your youtube channel.

Here is the link you have to monitor:

Sony live on youtube app

Now before it s back online, for broadcast live on youtube, you have to enable this functionality in your youtube account, you can do that this way:

Log into your account at Click “Videos & Playlists,” and select the checkbox labeled “Live Streaming.” Refresh the page by clicking on your browser’s “Refresh” button.

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