how install betaflight on dtfc flight controller

June 21, 2016

how install betaflight  on dtfc flight controller There is a little communication issue if you use the cleanflight configurator with the great dtfc flight controler. Sometimes (well it happends to me) i could normaly connect, but in bootloader mode, it was simply impossible. this is the little trick how to fix it using zadig


How secure you linux using two-factor with google authenticator

February 1, 2014

  Two-factor authentication is a process for improve your “login / password” operation by adding an extra code generated by a dedicated service. The idea today is to improve the security of you ssh and your gnome login for prevent people to login on your linux desktop. For accomplished such task, we will use the google autheticator service, because it s reliable, can get your code via sms or generated…


How turn your raspberry pi into an iBeacon in 2 minutes

November 24, 2013

  as usual, apple talks about ibeacon and suddenly the world think they ve invented something…. apple don t invent since ages, they copy and sew, just don t you forget. nvm here is a quick tutorial that will explain you how emulate an ibeacon with your pie for test purposes, always handy all you need: a raspberry pi (oh wait!= A bluetooth 4.0 usb dongle fingers for type