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electric skateboard

hobbyking launch a cheap electric skateboard for less than 200 dollars

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hobbyking launch a cheap  electric skateboard for less than 200 dollars

almost all the common electric skateboard you see use electronic components made by hobbyking , esc, motors, battery, they do all all the required electronic you need in order to build an electric skateboard.

Today they decided to move a step forward by proposing a complete electric skateboard for less than 200$, wich can be a great opportunity for those who want to have a first e-skate to see if they like it,without have to sell one kidney.

Of course, for less than 200$ you can t expect to have 50 km range at a speed of 50 kmh, features are basics, 10 kmh, 10km range.

to me this board if the wheels and trucks do the job, can be a good start that you can certainly improve regarding your needs, adding more lipo, changing motor, everything seems to be easy to change. The esc also provide braking and abs braking.

Lipo is a 6s, max power 150w, max load capacity 65 kg.

To me, this is hobbyking first try,and in the future, i think they will upgrade their skateboard serie, great opportunity for this brand to join a market where they already have all it takes for a great success.

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