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hack ar drone parrot
drone, hacking, raspberry pi

hack parrot AR drone take control using wifi and raspberry pi



Well this is the kind of day, where a friend of you push you a link on gtalk and then your eyes are sparkling :))

You all know this useless ugly flying piece of foam called the parrot ar drone. No idea why it s called a drone, cause you are so limited in distance you can only monitor your toes, never the less, it s a smart piece of technology, made by a french commpany, maybe that s why it s vulnerable, who knows.

Ar drone is controled from a mobile over wifi, and that s how we gonna take control of it, using a simple deauth sequence, the same one you do when you crack wifi network with aircrack-ng.

For achieve this, a smart buddy called samy ( @SamyKamkar ) released an exploit called skyjack using our lovelly raspberry pi (yes the same we use for light painting and as an ibeacon).

The idea is simple, because parrot own a whole block of mac adress, the prog scan for these bloc entry, and once one is discovered, boom deauth and powned #classicstyle.

Here is a quick demo

So be my guest to go to samy s page for download the code, the parrot hunt is open 🙂

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