HUAWEI Mate 9 vs SONY A7s2 camera phone vs dslr

huawei mate 9 vs sony a7s2 camera phone vs dslr



Since a longtime i wanted to see what was the actual difference between dslr and a good camera phone.

the past two years, camera phone have done a major leap, from gs7, lg v10 tech and software have been improved so much, that it was the right time to see how they compete facing a true 24 x 36 full captor dslr.

keep in mind that this sony camera cost 3000 eur and the mate 9 cost 700 eur, keep that in perspective

here is the video


if you want to look at the pictures we ve shoot here they are:


Sony A7S2 pictures:


Huawei Mate 9:


i think the huawei mate 9 is doing a great job, never been able to get that kind of pictures with a mobile, specially with the light painting modes , 4 new modes that push your creativity and gives you a camera that can act as a dslr with a nd filter when you are doing long pause shot in day time


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