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iWatch no autonomy nothing amazing no innovation so Apple

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iWatch specification no autonomy nothing amazing no innovation so Apple


well, glad that finally the tim cook slideshow party is over, internet gonna be able to breath for another 360 days at least…

Honestly, been sick of all these useless post/ news like ” iphone 6 screw picture leaked” you know what i mean. Get a life you all, really this is getting ridiculous!

Now, the new iphone has been revealed, and also the iwatch too.

I am not gonna waste time on the iphone6, it has the same specs than an average android phone of year 2011-2012, so we know how great all these “new functionality are”, we use them since ages..

No i wanted to talk about the iwatch today, why? Well cause i was expecting something very amazing, a blast, an innovation, but then, i was forgetting we were talking about apple.

Remember of these sort of concept leaks rumor that contaminated the web, some were really amazing like these one that were my favourite

They simply are beautifull to me, but, apple has nothing to do with these concept, and when you think about it, samsung would have a great lauch selling flexible screen to apple, cause this is an innovation that belong to them ( that s the problem when you are unable to innovate, you have to buy others innovations)

So instead of that, apple released, a very poor designed watch, so average that all the watch industry is laughing (specially after have read the pathetic paper of the new york time announcing the end of the swiss watch industry because of the iwatch, get a life rednecks), and , to be very tuned with your iphone, you won t be able to spend a day without charge it, shitty battery life is a religion for apple, so it had to be the same for the iwatch.

And the bottom line, having a watch that tells you to that you have a mail on your phone in your pocket, what s the point…

So, it s another sad day for tech inovation, such ugly cheap watch souldn t cost much to make (as for the iphone6 too) so it s a good day for share holders, and all the iSheep are happy, life continue…

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