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Openrov first dive in the lake of Annecy

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well that had to happends finally, my first dive in the lake of Annecy (france).

was a great experience, felt being like an explorer in a new world, very exciting really.

My xbox controller refused to work again, as usual, so i had to manage with the keyboard, and still this annoying issue i have with back motors, it s like it can hardly turn right, and only turn left, as if i had 20% dual rate on the right and 100 on left, i really need to figure out what is goin on.

The dive was quite simple, first a flat part at -3 m with seeweed, then a second floor at -6 m with few fishes showing up

No leaks, no prob regarding mechanics, ready for the next one, hoping to reach the – 12 m :))


Here are the video:

The cockpit view with comments (french)



I ve installed a xiaomi yi camera for underwater footage, wich gives great result considering the price, and here is the footage:


Openrov first dive in the lake of Annecy, Openrov first dive in the lake of Annecy to a maximum depth of -6 meters out from the rocks of the bay of albigny,openrov,annecy,underwater, video,dive, albigny,bay, xiaomi yi,robot,

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