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  • raspberry pi ibeacon ble
    raspberry pi, tutorial

    How turn your raspberry pi into an iBeacon in 2 minutes


      as usual, apple talks about ibeacon and suddenly the world think they ve invented something…. apple don t invent since ages, they copy and sew, just don t you forget. nvm here is a quick tutorial that will explain you how emulate an ibeacon with your pie for test purposes, always handy all you…

  • iphone 6 top

    Iphone 6 last pictures leak show finished product


      Some of you are just waiting for the release of the new iphone 6 (i am not), and now it seems you can get a quite global idea of how it ll look like. new iphone 6 picture leak reveal the final product, but then, it s just cosmetic, the inside remains an ios…

  • the flir one case turn your iphone into a real thermal vision camera
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    the flir one case turn your iphone into a real thermal vision camera


    This is an interesting product for some of iphone owners, the capability to turn your iphone into a real true thermal vision camera with this case made by flir, very famous company into thermal imaging. For not drain your iphone, this case also provide a separate battery, very smart move! What is also interesting, is…

  • nsa

    NSA infected 50,000 computer networks with malicious software (


    NSA infected 50,000 computer networks with malicious software ( –

  • z3
    android, sony

    Xperia Z3 screen recorder the best android screen recorder


    Xperia Z3 screen recorder functionality simply the best android screen recorder application     Sony just released the Xperia Z3 that i got for replace my Z2. And looking for differences between z2 & z3, sony just added a fantastic feature: the video screen recorder. I ve tested many of them, and this one is…

  • secure linux google authenticator

    How secure you linux using two-factor with google authenticator


      Two-factor authentication is a process for improve your “login / password” operation by adding an extra code generated by a dedicated service. The idea today is to improve the security of you ssh and your gnome login for prevent people to login on your linux desktop. For accomplished such task, we will use the…

  • how cheat with tinder

    How cheat with tinder by changing location and meet new people


    how cheat with tinder for change location and meet new people   Tinder is a dating app based on your location, quite trendy. But what if you live in a shit hole, in the middle of nowhere? Tinder will only show you people living in a radius of 100 km max around you. Depends of…

  • hyperlapse android

    Hyperlapse application for android phones


    Well, since i ve seen that instagram released a hyperlapse app for iBend phones, i ve found it quite great, and wanted to do the same. So i ve installed and tried quite a few, cause on google play there are a few, i was surprise to see that many, but to be honest, true…

  • sony movie creator xperia z2 z3
    android, sony

    Sony movie creator how Creating movies with you xperia z2 and z3


    Sony movie creator how Creating movies  with you xperia z2 and z3 Maybe you heard of video highlights on htc one, that function of the gallery allows you to create short video clips out of picture and video taken with yout htc. On the top of that, you add a filter and you get nice…

  • android wardriving wifite
    android, hacking, wardriving

    wardriving with an android tablet with nethunter and wifite


      now that i got nethunter runing on my nexus 7, time to start the tool testing Something i ve noticed, the built in wireless adaptator, doesn t work with wifite, wich is a bummer, cause that would of being very awesome. never the less, time to test the tools for the big boys, so i…

  • gift for hipster for christmas
    tech gadget

    what tech gadget gift to buy to a hipster for christmas ?


    Well, your bf or gf is a hipster and christmas is coming near, and you have no ideas about what tech gadget to offer him/ her ? well let me help you, in fact pc mag gonna give you a hand. quite surprised tho there are no razor in the list, damm, some of these…

  • broadcast youtube live smartphone
    android, smartphones, sony

    How broadcast live on youtube with your smartphone


    How broadcast live on youtube with your smartphone   If you always wanted to broadcast live on youtube, well, good news this is gonna be soon possible But before we fully enter in the subject, there are some bad news….. As far as we know, this app will only be available to xperia z2 phone…

  • jellyfish robot
    robotic, science

    Flying Robot Moves Like a Jellyfish


    Miniature robots can fly like helicopters and insects. Why not a jellyfish? Weird as it sounds, Leif Ristroph of New York University decided that the aerodynamics of jellyfish offered a good method of designing a flying robot while keeping the size down. Air and water are both fluids, after all — the latter is just…

  • science

    Bionic eye implant to be available in the U.S. in the coming weeks


      Bionic eye implant to be available in the U.S. in the coming weeks –

  • best vpn service for mobile devices

    what are best vpn services for mobile devices android and ios


      These days, it s getting quite urgent for you to start to think about your data security, specially when you are connected here and there, public wifi or hotels, or simply when your .gouv decided to transform himself into a “big brother” instead of mind his own buisness. Here is a quick review of…

  • Japanese bridge inspection robot has magnetic wheels
    robotic, science

    Japanese bridge inspection robot with magnetic wheels shuffles up walls


    Where usually climbing robots use vaccum and suction for keep them adhered to the walls, this new japanese robot, used for bridge inspection, use a totally different technology, based on Magnets. It can climb to the rate of 7.8 inch / sec, and it s flexible structure will allow him to do some radical moves….

  • BitTorrent serverless chat replaces usernames with crypto keys
    Encryption, Tech services

    BitTorrent serverless chat replaces usernames with crypto keys


    BitTorrent, Inc. is developing a serverless instant messaging system that relies on public key encryption to protect the privacy of communications, identifying users not with traditional usernames but with cryptographic key pairs. The company, which develops the BitTorrent peer-to-peer protocol as well as the BitTorrent and μTorrent file sharing software, announced the forthcoming chat software in…

  • how hack snapchat
    hacking, snapchat

    how hack people snapchat account and get user phone numbers


    well surelly using snapchat you always wondered “hey what s her phone number??!!” and once you asked, she banned you Well it seems that snapchat is more fun than secure, ans last update didn t fixed anything regarding this vuln… Gibsonsec released a proof of concept that will give you a serious hand into your…

  • fpv racing

    FPV Racer speed test time


    Today was the opportunity to test the speed of my JPAY racer that i ve upgraded and boosted for be able to run 4s on it, without melt it all. The result is about what we expected with hugo, but it s nice to put a number on it, kids you know Just one thing, i…

  • sony stm10
    android, sony

    sony xperia z2 with sony stm10 external microphone test and review


        well, if you are into video blogging, you wanna read this post, it s for you. Two months ago, sony released the Xperia z2 wich is a real amazing phone when it comes to recording video, it can also record in 4k with a fantastic steadymotion function, very amazing. But, cause there is…

  • nethunter kali linux android hacking
    android, hacking, nethunter

    Nethunter the most powerfull hacking toolbox for your android tablet


    Nethunter the most powerfull hacking toolbox for your android tablet   Kali linux team just released an amazing distribution for android nexus based devices called “nethunter”, and they did choose the perfect name. They simply ported kali to android,and you can flash it as you would do for a normal rom as long you have…

  • google-chromecast-86002596-01-iset

    Google to release Chromecast SDK soon


    Google to release Chromecast SDK soon –

  • quadcopter

    Quadcopter in chocolate wtf


    Quadcopter in chocolate                   Maybe your partner has never been enthousiastic about your quadcopter hobby, but now, maybe things can change. Anything can fly (almost) here is the perfect quadcopter to offer for next easter, a quadcopter with a frame made out of chocolate. Even if i…

  • tout-ce-quil-faut-savoir-sur-la-iwatch
    apple iwatch

    iWatch no autonomy nothing amazing no innovation so Apple


    iWatch specification no autonomy nothing amazing no innovation so Apple   well, glad that finally the tim cook slideshow party is over, internet gonna be able to breath for another 360 days at least… Honestly, been sick of all these useless post/ news like ” iphone 6 screw picture leaked” you know what i mean….

  • Autographer Is An Intelligent Wearable Camera That Raises Many Important Questions
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    The Autographer Is An Intelligent Wearable Camera That take pictures for you


      Here is Autographer, a wearable camera (yeah right another one…) meaning a camera you can clip to your shirt, and for avoid you the awkward moment where you have to put your glass on the table for press the button, this one actually decide where and where take a picture for you, because it…