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Sony movie creator how Creating movies with you xperia z2 and z3

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Sony movie creator how Creating movies  with you xperia z2 and z3

Maybe you heard of video highlights on htc one, that function of the gallery allows you to create short video clips out of picture and video taken with yout htc.

On the top of that, you add a filter and you get nice little video clip of 30s that you can share on social networks or else.

Sony xperia z2 didn t had such functionality, wich is hard to understand when you know that the xperia z2 was recognized as the best camera phone on the market when it was released. The only option you had was the movie creator in the google plus photo app, but even with that app, in some cases, the “create movie” option was missing…

But now, with the release of some system apps of the xperia z3, there is a movie creator app that leaked and does that just fine And this time, you can add your own music too!

So here is a quick video showing you how it works

You can download the apk HERE

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