how cheat with tinder

How cheat with tinder by changing location and meet new people

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how cheat with tinder for change location and meet new people


Tinder is a dating app based on your location, quite trendy. But what if you live in a shit hole, in the middle of nowhere?

Tinder will only show you people living in a radius of 100 km max around you. Depends of where you live, can be quite limited.

So if you wanted to meet some russian, or norvegian or girls from peru (no you dont) here is an easy trick that takes 2 min and allow you to be an e-traveler and meet people from around the world in a snap.

How it works:

First the workflow will only be for an android, dunno if it can work on iphone, and i don t even wanna know.

1) Enable developper options for your android mobile, plenty of tutorial on google, here is one:

The authotize fake GPS position

That s almost it

The install this app that allows you to simulate a position where ever you want to be calledfake gps:

Choose a position, and keep it open.

Now you can launch tinder and do a search and you are done.

Sometimes there are caching issues, that request you to close and reopen tinder, but that s about it, the world is yours

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